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Guns, ammo and accessories

We buy, sell, trade and appraise guns on site at our High Plains Guns Shop location in Topeka, KS. We also have a huge variety of ammo and accessories at great prices.

Firearm transfer

We can take care of your firearm transfer and purchasing needs at our shop in Topeka, KS. We also do firearms transfers in Kansas City, MO (Northland).


Problems with your firearms or need a scope mounted? Bring your gun to our shop in Topeka and we'll get you shooting straight.

Helpful and friendly. The only place I go for ammo, reloading items, or guns.


Laws surrounding the sale of firearms vary from state to state. Before you buy, it is important to make sure that you are legally able to purchase and own a firearm. Familiarize yourself with local laws. Only attempt to make the purchase if you are of legal age, and then follow these steps:

  1. Make the online purchase as you would with any other product and pay for the product in full, including shipping costs.
  2. Contact me to provide a telephone number and email address for both you and for the seller. You may contact me at 816-510-5120 or at chris@highplainsgun.com.
  3. Federal law requires a shipping dealer to obtain a copy of the receiving dealer’s Federal Firearms License. A copy of the license will be provided to the seller as soon as possible using the contact information provided.
  4. Once the seller receives the appropriate license documentation, the seller will ship the firearm(s) directly to me.
  5. Once the firearm is received, I will contact you to set up an appointment for you to pick up your purchase.
  6. At the time of pick up, federal law requires you to complete ATF Form 4473, a document that verifies your legal ability to purchase and take possession of a firearm. You must also provide a valid photo ID with your current correct home address.
  7. Federal law requires that information from Form 4473 be submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a background check. The information will be submitted electronically while you are present. Submission of the information will result in one of the following three responses from the FBI:
    1. Proceed – If you clear the background check and are approved, you may immediately take possession of the firearm; or
    2. Delayed – If you are delayed (neither approved nor denied), you must wait until the FBI provides final clearance or three business days, whichever is shorter, to take possession of the firearm; or
    3. Denial – If a denial response is received, you are legally prohibited from taking possession of the firearm and must make arrangements to return the firearm to the seller including the payment of shipping. Please note that payment of the transfer fee applies regardless of whether the transfer is approved, delayed or denied.

Who we are

We're a family business...


Dale Lauver

Topeka Shop


Chris Lauver

Kansas City - FFL


Jean Lauver

Topeka Shop

High Plains Gun Shop, Topeka, KS

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Address: 11110 US-40; Topeka, KS 66615
Phone: (785) 478-9020

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Thursday - Saturday 9am to 5pm

Awesome staff, very communicative, and very flexible/helpful in unusual situations.


We offer firearm transfer services in the KC Northland for $25

New firearms sales. Please contact us for price and availability

FFL services

Please review the firearm transfer desciption above.
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Near Barry Rd and Green Hills Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151
Phone: (816) 510-5120

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